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3 thoughts on “Nothing”

  1. Your No-Thing is full of Life. I hope it remains invisible to Surveillance Capitalism as a form of Resistance.

  2. […] This is the first film I’ve made using, entirely, digital superimpositions. All I had to begin with was a spontaneous audio recording of my mother talking about my birth and about how she felt afterwards. I wanted to make a film with it, but I did not develop a structure or a blueprint in advance. I worked on it directly in my editing program, during the month of July, using videos I had already recorded, and sourcing the extra material (music, a few extracts from other films, my monologue) on the spot, as I felt the need of it. This is my thirteenth film and, while it is little, it is also quite complex and my most impulsive. If you are interested in genesis issues, here is where it comes from. […]

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