3 thoughts on “‘A House That A Guest Has Entered’”

  1. Thank you dear Cristina. I am filled with gratitude to be here subscribing to your blog. I found it fascinating and as can happen often to me therein was a coincidence. I picked up a book at home to read the other day. I bought it from a secondhand shop – Letters to a Young Poet and then after watching and listening to your video I see the narration is Letters to a Young Poet. And this, on the day I subscribe. I have only just started reading it .. a little at a time when I enter the room it is in. I have tears too, more than in the earlier part of my life and I know the depths of sadness it brings, but like a tropical rain storm it moves through and away if we let it rain.

    1. I am filled with gratitude, too. Thanks for subscribing, Vicky. It means a lot. And AMAZING Rilke synchronicity, here. He’s a fantastic writer and the ‘Letters to a Young Poet’ are a source of deep wisdom and care. A book to read little by little, and to return to many times, especially when the tropical storm looms in the sky. You will love it. Hugs!!!

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