Filmed inside the most exciting attraction of my little town: a cubicle of one square metre. This film will give you a lift: up and down, up and down. An anti-touristic movie of landscapes, vistas, disseminated reflections, glass and metal. An experiment combining one, two and three screens; a geometrical puzzle of horizontal and vertical lines. Lurches, bumps, pans, and tilts: all to the rhythm of a Kraftwerk medley. 

© Cristina Álvarez López, March 2023

4 thoughts on “‘Lift’”

  1. appreciated your “Lift”, Cristina. it transported me a long way, through time, 25 years ago, to Valparaiso where of course i rode all the lifts. as yours, the feeling was of pans and tilts, openings and closings, revelations and surprises. of course, the only reason i was there was because of Joris Ivens and Chris Marker: https://vimeo.com/25746862

    thanks for the lift !

    Kirk Tougas

    1. My pleasure, Kirk!
      Glad to have activated the time-machine with my lift.
      Thanks for your comment & for the link. I actually had not seen that Ivens short until now & I’ve enjoyed it. The switch from b&w to colour is quite amazing. I have to try one of those myself!!

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