3 thoughts on “Running with Keith Jarrett”

  1. Playing your link here to Keith Jarrett as I write a comment. Such beautiful writing Cristina. I like that you write very much from your heart. Thank you. I have never run though I love the thought of running. I’ve never heard of Keith Jarrett either and this piece is very beautiful.

    1. Hi Vicky! Thanks for your comment.
      I love the thought of running almost as much as running. In fact, some days it’s easier thinking about it than doing it :))
      If you want to listen more Keith Jarrett, you have to try this: https://soundcloud.com/baramuse/keith-jarrett-the-koln-concert-vinyl
      This is his most well-known concert and the first I listened to. It plays in a scene of a film I love very much, Nicolas Roeg’s BAD TIMING. That’s how I discovered it.

      1. Thank you Cristina for the link to Keith Jarrett and to the film which I hope to see one day. Ain’t it true that in life many things are easier thought about than doing. Love that thought 🙂 Thank you again for your wonderful way of writing.

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