89%: WordPress Stats, Social Media, and Other Catastrophes

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4 thoughts on “89%: WordPress Stats, Social Media, and Other Catastrophes”

  1. You are an excellent writer. In the way the BBC still does (if not quite as well as it used to), you inform, educate and entertain. Don’t be put off by your stats! Mine are far worse!

      1. Absolutely captivating! So I’m laying on the couch here at home, it being day 5 after a cholecystectomy, and I think 💭 what’s Cristina written lately? Better go see! Wow! Great writing and I was captivated to the end. Beautiful and brutal honesty.

      2. Vicky, thanks so much! I do love the thought of someone thinking: “What’s Cristina written lately?” I’ll confess I’ve had to google “cholecystectomy” because what a name! But Google says it’s “a common surgery with small risk of complications”, so I imagine nothing too serious. I hope you are feeling ok and the recovery is not as painful as the name of the procedure! KISSES and thanks again for your words !!!

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